First Artist Cohort Session: 4/4/19

Meeting Each Other, PPL Partners and Our Wall

Thursday, April 4th, POV hosted the first of many Artist Cohort Sessions, where the seven participating artist-organizers, Claudia Valentino, Juliette Myers, Magdalena Kaluza, Mattie Weiss, Nell Pierce, Camila Leiva, and Katrina Knutson, shared space for the first time! All are coming from different backgrounds and experiences but are deeply focused on the power of community art and its potential to create pathways for the many communities of Philips Neighborhood to be elevated and represented in what will become a large-scale mural on Franklin Avenue.

POV had the opportunity to walk over to Project for Pride in Living (PPL) to learn about some of PPL’s history and introduce ourselves as the Artist Cohort. Everyone shared their story and what calls them to this work. A common thread that emerged from these conversations was the importance of process; how does the pace, design and intention of community engagement invite participation or not?

This work is guided by the desire and commitment to connect and contribute to the strength of Phillips neighborhood, by deep listening, sharing stories and histories and holding space for the challenges, tensions and power of Phillips Neighborhood.

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